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Mary Pat connects with Auditionees and Alums in NY and Princeton

January 21, 2012: New York, New York

So, it’s finally decided to snow in the New York metropolitan area! Just in time for our New York
audition—I hope that no one is prevented from coming because of the snow. After a busy morning of
having to notify people about our morning classes being cancelled, we made it out to the train and into
the city.

Our New York audition is always a good time to connect with some of our many alums who work in
the city. Today we got to have a quick brunch with Tim Acito, who started here as a student, but has
also danced with the company, taught at the school, and been an accompanist for us! Tim performed
with Momix for several years, then attended Yale Drama School to earn an MFA in the playwriting
program. He’s that very rare person who can not only write the script, but also the music, and he had a
great success a few years back with the off-Broadway show “Xanna, Don’t.” Tim is now working on an
album of country music, so that will be an interesting new development! Another one of our alums, Ben
Hauck, who graduated from the Westminster College of Music musical theater program, came to meet
us at City Center to accompany our audition class. Ben is accompanying at Ballet Academy East and
various other NY schools, and becoming a fabulous ballet class musician! It was a pleasure to have him
join us again.

It was fun for Artistic Director Douglas Martin to be back at City Center, where he and his wife, our
Resident Choreographer Mary Barton, spent ten years rehearsing, while dancers in the Joffrey Ballet.
The City Center studios hold a lot of history for American dance, and are beautiful spaces to see dancers.
We enjoyed seeing Brittany Hurley, who was here with us last summer, and meeting a lot of other new
dancers, too.

January 22, 2012: Princeton, New Jersey

It’s fun to see our own hallways filled with lots of new faces, young dancers from Connecticut, central
Pennsylvania, up near Scranton, the Jersey shore—lots of new blood interested in our summer program.
Here we do a big round-robin class, with Douglas giving barre, me giving center, and Mary giving the
pointe section. We had a good showing, and are very pleased with the level of the dancers this year.
And what fun to have Trisha Wolf playing class for us—nothing like a dancer/pianist in terms of knowing
what is just the right thing for each combination. Now off to the Pacific Northwest tomorrow! It’s
looking a lot like Seattle here today, with a cold misty rain—it’s helping me try out my winter raingear
and get my brain in the right mode.


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