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Making the Most of Your SI Experience

This past fall, I wrote this article for Pointe magazine (click here) about choosing which summer intensive programs you want to audition for or attend based on your goal, or “dance resolutions”.  Hopefully, you’re excited about your choice and looking forward to a summer of growth.  I think the #1 way to find chances to grow and meet your dance resolutions at any SI is keep a positive attitude, an open mind, and a willingness to implement new feedback.

ARB Dancer Edward Urwin on the dramatic challenges of R+J

My fellow dancers and I are in the midst of our final few days of preparation for our Celebration! program, which will premiere scenes from Douglas Martin’s adaptation of the ballet Romeo and Juliet. Although all ballets contain emotional drive and acting, Romeo and Juliet is unique because it is deep and complex in its narrative. It is far from your straightforward romance.

Dance Networking

"Networking" - This word is used so frequently.  It seems especially in this tough economic climate it is becoming increasingly advisable to use your connections to get an "in", make a deal, or create a new project.

The Power of a Chance to Dance

On Friday, I taught this year’s last DANCE POWER class alongside DP Coordinator Kathleen Smith.  It’s been really great to watch these students make strides – both big and small –  over the past 20 weeks of the DANCE POWER program.

“One must be serious about something if one wants to have any fun in life”

I have this great Oscar Wilde epigram on my crowded bulletin board for years, and think about it a lot as I teach nine and ten year olds.  The more focused and earnest I get them about self-discipline, the more fun they have. 

Springing from one fun thing to another

Wow!  Spring is here—the beautiful big tulip tree in my back yard looks stunning against these gray, misty mornings, and the purple pansies are so great with the daffodils.  It’s a funny spring, and some things that would normally bloom in succession, are all blooming at once.

Mary Pat considers the Joys of Live Performance

From comedy to tragedy

What a week!  Even when you work in the arts, one doesn’t always get to spend that much time actually watching or discussing art.  There’s a lot of scheduling, phone calling, etc., in a week.  But last week I got to spend a lot of time watching and talking about art—what fun!

On Pointe: What It's All About

American Repertory Ballet launched On Pointe in September 2010 to help make ballet more accessible to the community.  The Enrichment Series brings guest speakers, lecture demonstrations, intimate company performance previews and panel discussions to seasoned dance enthusiasts and new students alike on a monthly basis.  As we look forward to our 2012-2013 programming, I had the opportunity to reflect on how On Pointe has evolved over the last season and a half.  It was gratifying to look back and see that On Pointe has exceeded many of our expect

Mary Pat checks in from Dallas, TX

February 4, 2012: Dallas, Texas

So, in my spare time in Dallas I slipped into the role of movie buff. There’s a really cool repertory movie house near my hotel. I had seen some of the films already (“The Artist,” and “Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy), but had time to catch not only ”The Descendants,” but also “My Week with Marilyn.” What fun! I feel really ready to appreciate the Academy Awards this year.


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