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From Dancer Katie Moorhead to ARB Audiences, with Love

The smell of pine trees, the taste of hot chocolate, the view of winter white snow and the warmth by the fire are a few of the reminders that the holiday season has arrived.  All these help me feel the joyous spirit, yet nothing truly says it's the holiday season like Nutcracker.

Q&A with Lindsay Jorgensen, one of this year's "Claras"

Many girls dream of playing Clara, the young girl in The Nutcracker who receives a mysterious gift from a favorite uncle and travels on a magical journey to the Kingdom of the Sweets.  This year, two Princeton Ballet School students, Lyndsay Jorgensen and Emilia Kraft, will be portraying "Clara" in ARB's Nutcracker.  To find out more about what it's like to dance the lead student role in this year's production, I asked Lyndsay some questions:

Claire van Bever's glimpse into Nutcracker rehearsals as a new company dancer

Like a lot of little girls, I fell in love with ballet when I saw my first performance of The Nutcracker. Mostly, I fell in love with all the attention Clara got. Immediately after the show I tugged on my mothers arm and asked to take ballet classes. For the first two years of lessons I mostly daydreamed I was dancing the role of Clara, imagining a growing Christmas tree and pretending to hold a small Nutcracker doll during barre. My teacher was not amused. Eventually though, I got to dance the role of Clara, and let me tell you, the attention you get is pretty awesome.

The Tradition of Nutcracker

It’s that time of year again, when, in studios all over the world, toy soldiers are marching, mice are battling, flowers are waltzing, and sugar plums are dancing.  The craziness of Nutcracker has hit!  Schedules are hectic, rehearsals are long, and casts are huge.

Life at Princeton Ballet School, by DANCE POWER Scholar Aleshia Rider

I have greatly enjoyed my times at Princeton Ballet School thus far. Princeton Ballet School has a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere, spacious dance studios, and sociable, friendly people. I couldn’t imagine dancing elsewhere and having an experience quite as exceptional. I have gotten so used to the environment, that I honestly couldn't imagine dancing elsewhere.

Mary Pat: the life of the mind translated into movement

We humans learn by experience, they say, but it turns out, not surprisingly, that not all experiences are
equal, in terms of learning. The method by which we learn something has great bearing on how well-
integrated the new idea becomes into our brain and body. There was a fascinating article in the NY
Times over the weekend, about how a large number of the leaders in the computer industry are sending
their own children to Waldorf Schools, where they don’t connect with technology until well into high

A DANCE POWER Scholar's Thoughts on Opening Night

ARB’s Opening Night performance was nothing short of amazing. The dancers performed with great energy and the result was a performance close to perfection. I was stunned and absorbed by the exhibition of technique and stage presence, leaving minor mistakes, if there were any, unnoticeable. I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed all three pieces, noth that I ever doubted the abilities of ARB's professional dancers. I must say, their hard work in mastering fancy footwork and complicated movements definitely showed.

For All to See

This past Friday, I co-taught my first DANCE POWER class with Kathleen Smith, DANCE POWER Coordinator.  I walked into the gym at Lincoln Elementary School in New Brunswick with almost no idea what to expect.  I teach beginner ballet to a variety of age groups, including third graders, but this would be much different.  There would be no Marley floors, no tights, no ballet slippers; there would be 60 third graders, most of whom would have no idea what they will be getting themselves into.  When you teach at a dance studio, beginners come in with an interest in and desire

Mommy, What Does Success Mean?


“Back to School”, “La Rentrée”—everyone has their phrase for the time of year when life picks up its pace, when the air gets sharper, and so do our minds, when our pulses speed up again after our relaxing summer afternoons--- well, we’re well into it now. The school has been up and running for five weeks, the company back on contract for three, and we just finished our first public events of the season. Last week, I started my fall class observations and watched three events presented by the company.


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