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When Nutcracker Becomes a Verb

By Cathy Kunzinger Urwin

August—the month for final trips to the shore, school supply shopping, hot days and humid nights, and the first sounds of “Waltz of the Flowers” in the halls of 301 North Harrison St. Yes, parents, it’s time to start thinking about signing up your dancer for American Repertory Ballet’s Nutcracker auditions.

Life as a Summer Intensive RA

by Andrea D'Annunzio

Movie Night!

Last night we had “movie night” for the Summer Intensive students, and took over the Garden Theater downtown to screen “Joffrey: Mavericks of Dance.” It was so great to get everybody together from our different campuses, and to see so many faculty members, long-time supporters and members of the local community. The movie was a wonderful celebration of Mr. Joffrey and his long-reaching influence on American dance.

Alum Meghan Salviejo reflects and joins the marketing team

Walking into the New Brunswick studio of American Repertory Ballet this summer is a surreal, yet nostalgic experience. I look around me and everything is the same, but curiously different since I became an alumni about two years ago. After dancing with ARB for eight years of my life, I can confidently say that I was very fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity of experiencing a lifestyle most people never get to see.

The Power of Community

July—what a great month! This is the month when I most feel the strength of the bonds of friendship and community that dance can form. I was so struck by it this morning, just walking from the studios, where happy groups of students are laughing and talking as they warm up, to the faculty lounge, where the teachers and accompanists are catching up with each other and renewing friendships from years of teaching and guesting here.

On the Economics of Art and Business

As we conclude the final push for our “spring appeal”, I thought I’d reflect a bit on fundraising.  I was recently asked, at a dinner party, “Why do you waste so much time fundraising?” After a deep breath, I launched into the reasoning that ticket sales and other earned revenue only cover a small portion of what it costs to run all our programs. About how we need people to invest in our mission for the return of seeing our programs thrive, not to see that return in a monetary form.

One Year Ends, the Next Begins

One of the gods in the ancient Roman pantheon was Janus, who faced back towards the year ending and ahead towards the year beginning simultaneously—surely an easy trick for any trained dancer!


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